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Healthy berries in autumn

The most famous of all the " berries " are likely to be the fruit of the rose - The rose hips. In their fruit peels put a lot of healthy ingredients. She is very vitamin C - a sustainable, the vitamin B complex is represented as flavones and fruit acids. Recent research has shown that in the fruit peel a galactolipid is included. This galactolipid normalizes leukocyte function, which in osteoarthritis lead to inflammation and tissue damage, and has an antioxidant effect and menbranstabilisierend. Thus, the hip is preferred to feed in parrots / parakeets with osteoarthritis.


Rowan berries / Petra Nadolny

Similarly, the mountain ash for many bird lovers should be a household name. Its fruits contain Para Orbid ( dried parasorbic acid), tannins, sucrose, vitamin C, sorbitol. The berries can be very dry or - vitamin gentler - to freeze in the winter can feed these berries. The mountain ash is very popular with most birds. Incidentally, the sorbitol contained in the fruits was originally used as a sugar substitute for diabetics.


Hawthorn berries / Petra Nadolny

The hawthorn (Crataegus spp.) Wirdineingriffelige and two -styled plants differed. This refers to the flower pen and later the core number of berries. This distinction has no effect on the healing effect of the hawthorn. Flowers, leaves and fruits contain flavonoids and procyanidins, these contribute to the improvement of the contractile force of the heart and blood flow to the coronary vessels in the. The interaction of all the ingredients that reinforce each other, makes the positive heart and circulatory tonic effect.

One healthier choice

Healthy catering needs no organic certification

Who at an event would provide a special kind of Meals its guests, has unlimited possibilities: whether conventional or exotic, catering company serving the diverse tastes. For example, the desire for so-called "bio Catering". More and more consumers access to foods with organic label, so it was only a matter of time before Caterers and catering providers would discover the product " organic products " for themselves. The pioneer in the field are settled without a doubt in Hamburg, but the trend picks Germany. Most caterers offer healthy catering for Hamburg and the surrounding area, but many write in the meantime "organic" on the flags. Since nowadays the topics of health and healthy eating for many people play a significant role, Organic Catering is located right on trend. But how valuable it actually is?

What makes the Bio Catering

Finger Food Catering Hamburg

Catering companies are increasingly relying on Bio ( c ) Arne Grützmann

Catering business with organic certificate used for the production of their food organically produced foods exclusively. The dishes are prepared without synthetic and thus subject to identification products. Artificial colors and sweeteners or flavor enhancers as well as alcohol and alcohol flavors are taboo.

After the initial certification follow the announced and unannounced inspections. These are carried out irregularly and depend on the status of each caterer. Thus, for example " borderline cases " tested more often and intense.

These conditions must meet organic food

The main features that distinguish organic from conventional foods are:

Waiver of genetic engineering

Animal Welfare

No use of methods to increase earnings

The closed circular economy is the highest goal of organic farmers

Waiver of synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers

After the EU has revised the organic regulations for all EU member states in 2007 and 2008, it is possible for the consumer, organic food can be seen from the EU organic logo. From this label apart, find themselves in Germany Biosiegel, which go back to certifications through organic farming.